Mackenzie Mechanical provides complete HVAC - heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance, service and installation services for residential and commercial buildings in the Lower Mainland.

To respond to our customers better, all customers are provided with our tech-direct number.

An HONEST Answer - Our technicians keep their own schedule; the customer knows exactly when the technician will be there.

Immediate technical support - Some concerns can be addressed over the phone to avoid expensive service calls.

Experience - Our technical staff has over 25 years of experience in the HVAC field. This experience gives us familiarity with a wide range of equipment which reduces troubleshooting time and labour costs.

Professional Image - All technicians are in uniform which makes them easily identifiable to security and staff.

Communications - At Mackenzie Mechanical we realize the Technician’s knowledge and the way in which they deal with you and your tenants is extremely important.

Familiarity - Having a dedicated Technician serve your Heating and Air Conditioning equipment will allow the service person to become familiar with your companies specialized needs.